Board certification is certainly one of the top most significant factors to think about when you’re selecting the best general surgeon Dubai. It clearly tells you the doctor has the required medical training, skills and expertise to deliver competent healthcare in general surgeries. Further fellowship training including the particular kind of surgery you wish to have is also very beneficial. However, it’s not actually restricted to the fellowship program alone.

One of the other major things to keep in mind is to select a general surgeon who has done some specialized work in the field you want for yourself. It’s not only about how experienced he is in operating on all sorts of patients but more importantly it’s about how many times he has performed at the same surgical treatment successfully in the past. Most of us never stop learning and experience life differently as time passes by and so surgeons with a vast experience hardly have time to rest on their laurels. They keep learning to improve their craft and keep improving their skills.

Another important point is to go for a surgeon who has operated on all kinds of patients, not just those in the field of cosmetic surgery. This would mean that the surgeon must be able to treat any kind of patient, irrespective of the ailment or problem. Surgical treatments may be needed for people who have heart problems, diabetes and pulmonary embolism to name a few. These conditions can be treated very effectively only when the surgeon has operating room experience and is specialized in treating them. Otherwise, he would not be in a position to treat the patient in the manner required.

Another important point to remember is that you should always select those surgeons, who have attended medical school, instead of those surgeons who have gone to medical school only for a few months. Those surgeons who have gained experience through additional training at another hospital and thus, are able to perform more surgeries than those surgeons who have merely attended medical school will give you the best result. This is because the additional training helps them learn more about the operation, the types of patients they might encounter and also the types of procedures they might have to perform during surgery which will help them to deliver better patient care.

A good general surgeon needs to have a passion for the medical field. It is not just enough that he has gone to medical school and has passed all his examinations. The surgeon must be completely dedicated to the field and if he has any special interest such as cosmetic surgery then he needs to have a passion for it. This is because the cosmetic surgery field is quite competitive and those doctors, who love their job and who love to provide service to their patients, are the ones who end up being very successful.

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