employee satisfaction survey

An employee satisfaction survey is an important tool for businesses that are looking to improve overall worker satisfaction. While co-workers may be more motivated to do better, workers can at least feel proud to be employed by their company. As well as having an overall positive impact on employee morale, satisfied surveys can also contribute to a positive feeling of an employer and his brand. However, how should a company go about collecting this important feedback?

The first step in making the most out of an employee satisfaction survey is to collect the actual questions related to the workplace culture and expectations. These questions can then be distributed to all employees for them to answer honestly. There are generally three basic questions related to the actual job description, such as:

Job Description: What does this job actually entail? Is it a permanent or temporary position? Will you have regular days off? What is your typical workload? Will you have the opportunity to choose your own hours? The answers to these questions can actually provide a baseline for employee surveys, allowing management to gather more detailed data on how the work environment affects overall morale.

Employees’ Morale: A low employee satisfaction survey can have a significant impact on overall morale. Survey questions that pose questions about what managers can expect from each level can reveal how many employees actually appreciate their bosses and the tasks they are given. Similarly, a focus group can reveal how specific aspects of the job itself are negatively impacting workers’ morale. In fact, both managers and workers can benefit from taking a morale survey since managers can use it to find out what areas need improvement and workers can use it to voice their dissatisfaction with specific workplace issues. However, before making the decision to conduct employee surveys, managers must consider whether the results are truly informative and relevant to current company goals.

Themes: This type of survey is most useful when asking employees about their feelings on a particular theme, whether it’s a topic that has come up previously in an employee satisfaction survey or a current company goal. An example of a topic that could elicit a response from many employees is: “I feel like I’m running more than I’m doing.” This kind of survey can tell managers that not only do employees feel like they are being run over by their bosses, but they also believe that their bosses do not pay enough attention to them.

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