Jobs for immigrants during the pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic has been horrible on every single of us and our hearts go out to people who have been suffering due to it. So if you are one of those people who have been suffering through it then the pandemic must have also taken a dip on your job and employment too. Here are some helpful options of jobs that you must consider, all of which have been suggested by Canada visa consultants in Delhi:

  • Developer

When we say developer, we are referring to every single developing job out there aiming from web development to app development. It is not even about developing something completely new but there is a dire need of updates and bug fixing along with testing as well which is something we all can use in the pandemic as the time spent online is more than ever.

  • Marketing team

With the sales going down the wrong road, it is pretty common for businesses to shut down but those who are still struggling are looking for such marketing team and strategists who can change the game of their business and bring up the sales with their strategic thinking and expertise. If you think you are good at this, then you should take your chances as it can help both the teams simultaneously creating a win-win situation.

  • Healthcare worker

This one goes without saying. The situation these days is of such sorts that anyone could require paramedics at any given hour and it is maybe one of those professions which won’t ever go out of need. If you don’t have any expertise or qualification in the matter then you can also work as the staff working in hospital and managing other tasks than diagnosing and treatments. You just have to keep your eyes open and look for different options.

  • Assistant or secretary

As the businesses seem to shift to online platforms and the trend of working from home emerges, there is no secret or shame in the fact that it is probably one of the most difficult tasks to manage work with your bickering family all locked inside. In such cases, external help comes a lot in handy and that’s when virtual assistants are hired. If you have the capability then there’s nothing that can hold you back. This is also one of the convenient part time jobs which one can try to look for.

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