Things to Know Before Becoming an Artist

When you become a painter, there is a lot you have to give up. Sometimes even family. We have seen cases where the whole family is against a person who wants to become an artist. Because they think that they will be homeless and living on food stamps as artists don’t make a lot of money. But we have also seen some teenage artists who make more than a million. It is taught in the lessons of painting for beginners that if you want to make money via painting, you have to odd jobs as well.

Now a days, art in Dubai is also taught as a subject because people want to see more artists around. There is technology and advancement in the world and we see very little art around us. And that is why painting and drawing has become a compulsory subject in some schools. If you want to become a full-time artist then there are certain things that you should know before becoming one.

  1. The first thing you have to take out for painting or drawing is time. Most artists fail because they don’t give enough time to their art work. There can be many reasons like financial issues, the job is tough and just that one can be very depressed. But you have to push yourself in order to complete your art piece.
  2. Most artists stop with their dreams because they start comparing. Every art specialty of its own and no art can ever be compared. And that is why artists stop working as they see their art piece as not so good as others.
  3. There are full-time artists who become very lazy with the passage of time. And as much they delay on a project, at some point, they lose interest and people stop trusting in an artist and stop giving them work. This loses their credibility.
  4. But there are some artists who work so hard that they don’t even see the day light for days. This also needs to avoided. Not only your body but your mind needs a break as well.
  5. The next thing you have to do is keep a positive mind. This will be hard for you to do so but avoid answering questions like when you are getting a real job, grow up, when you will make a lot of money etc. Just stay away from such people and thoughts.