3 Types of Interior Designs

There are several interior design types available today but when considering the current age and the needs created for homes, there are usually two common interior design influences evident in many homes today: modern and classic. Contemporary is a style of decorating focusing on clean lines, minimalism, and the stark simplicity. Classic is a style of interior design that focuses on ornamentation, visual glitz, and detail. In many cases, the contemporary style is more popular now than ever because of the growing interest in bold designs and simplistic looks. Many homeowners go with a combination of the two styles to create an aesthetic that is unique to their own home.

The first step to choosing the perfect interior design style for your home is to understand your own personality. What type of mood or feel do you want to create? What colors and textures do you like? Once you have a general idea of how you want your home to look, it will be easier to narrow down the available interior design styles.

Industrial Interior Design

One of the most widely used interior design types is industrial interior design. Many people prefer this style to traditional styles because it creates a sense of permanence and mass. Because industrial interior design is focused on function, there are usually geometric shapes and lines that are repeated throughout the home. For example, in a typical industrial design there would be panelling that follows the contours of the walls. This creates a sense of solidity and strength while providing storage solutions and other functionality needed.

Modern Interior Design

Another of the interior design types that are common in homes today is modern interior design. This style is characterized by clean lines and minimalism. Many homeowners go with this look because it is simple yet stylish. While there are no complex curves or lines, clean lines are balanced with subtle color and texture. The modern interior styles offered by a home or office interior design company in Abu Dhabi, often create an environment that is more open than traditional styles and often have bright colors and simple furnishings.

Contemporary Interior Design

One of the most popular types of interior styles today is contemporary. In this style you can expect to see a focus on practicality and functionality. Clean lines and a focus on practicality help to make the room stand out as functional. One of the most popular types of this interior style is shabby chic, which is characterized by a vintage feel. Shabby chic is popular with people who like a home that feels lived-in but also relaxed and comfortable.

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