Last updated at 09:05 CST Tuesday, 18 October 2005
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Redesigned Guardian Becomes the UK’s First Berliner Format National Newspaper
With the September 12th format change, the Guardian becomes the United Kingdom’s first national newspaper to adopt the Berliner, a size mid-way between a tabloid and a broadsheet. The changes at the Guardian, which include colour now appearing on every page, are part of an effort to reclaim readers that had shifted to the newly tabloid Independent and Times newspapers.
U.S. Daily Newspaper Circulation Drops Sharply In Latest Reporting Period, As Companies Cut Back Discount Programmes
Circulation of U.S. daily newspapers dropped 1.9 percent daily and 2.5 percent Sundays in the six-month period ending March 2005. Urban newspaper circulations plummeted in the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) report, while small- to medium-sized newspapers were stable or reported growth. For updated Fas-Fax circulation numbers on individual U.S. newspapers, please click here.

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